To qualify for delivery, your delivery location must be easily accessible through the elevator (i.e. similar storey as lift landing) or must be on the same floor as the goods loading/unloading area.

If the delivery crew is unable to deliver the furniture or bulky items to your location through the elevator at the point of delivery (i.e. items unable to fit into elevator, refusal of elevator access by building management or etc) and deemed unfeasible, we will assess the feasibility for the bulky item to be carried up through the staircase in a non-hazardous manner.

If the process is deemed hazardous, (i.e. items prone to damage on narrow stairway, obstruction of passageway), and deemed unfeasible based on our assessment; we reserve the right to cancel the delivery.

Should delivery process be completed through the staircases in a non-hazardous condition, additional charges per item will be as follows:

First non-lift-accessible storey (e.g. staircase delivery from ground floor is free) + $10 per item transported to a subsequent non lift-accessible storey.


Staircase delivery of a wardrobe to a non-lift accessible 3 rd storey (e.g. Level 3 of a semi-detached house) will cost $70 [$50 + (1 X 0) + (2 X $10) = $70].

Fees for re-delivery or cancellation will apply.